Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Name Game

We've been kicking around ideas for naming our chickens.  Some people just call them...chickens.  Some name each individually.  We've heard of others who give the whole flock of gals a single name.

We kind of like that last idea...especially as our plan is to start with 10, and it's unclear how "different" they will look from each other.

Whatever the case, we have a few ideas floating around.  These include:

Gladys (and the Peeps)
Florence  (think Henderson)
Danica (after that hot chick who did more than just cross the road)
Bella (wait...she was a Swan not a chicken)
Roxie (if we end up getting Barred Rocks)
Dixie (get it?)

Anybody have any other ideas?  Or favorites among these?  We have a cat named Henrietta, so that won't work for the chickies....

By the way...we may have the gals as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday).  We'll keep you posted.

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