Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quick check-in...

Hi, Friends of the Inman Chicks!

We have been SOOOOOOO busy with life outside of chicken-raising, that we've had no time to post.

But rest assured, the chickens are still growing like crazy, and so is the chicken tractor (well, being built is probably more apt a term than growing).  So there will be updates soon on the following topics:
  • the growing girls--getting too big for the brooder
  • the girls' imminent move to the great outdoors
  • the chicken tractor progress
And on a sad note, we do have ourselves one sick chicken.  Over the last several days her legs have become very weak, and she is unable to walk.  There is no apparent injury, so we are presuming a disease of some sort (Jon has done some research).  It's sad times in the brooder, with our weak gal quarantined from the others (so they don't walk all over her), and we'll keep you posted, but her future does not look good.  The others seem to be ok, however, so we hope the rest of the flock has avoided whatever ails poor Liz. (She's one of the Barred Rocks.)

So all in all, the story of the chicks continues, and we'll do our best to get it posted here ASAP.  Thanks for checking in!

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