Thursday, July 12, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner

By last Monday evening, we had six eggs in the carton, so it was definitely time to make a meal.

The yolks are a beautiful dark yellow.

I followed a recipe for Three Egg Quiche, but with mostly mediums and a small on hand, I opted to use five eggs.

The finished product!

The quiche came out great.  I'm not a breakfast-for-dinner kind of gal, but this was one of the best meals ever!

Abby is not a fan of broccoli and cheese quiche (ridiculous) so I made her a fried egg with the one large egg we had.  Didn't get a photo, but when we cracked it open it had two yolks.  Very cool.  She ate every bite and asked for more.  I told her she had to ask the girls.  They have since obliged.

Week 1 Stats

After the girls' first week of laying, we can report the following results:

Small eggs: 2
Medium eggs: 5
Large eggs: 1
Extra large eggs: 1
Jumbo eggs: 1  (Really!  We were so impressed.  Jon says we've got an over-achiever.)

Total: 10!  Not bad for their first week on the job.

Week two (which began yesterday) got off to a great start with 5!

Rock on, girlfriends!


  1. This is very lovely and exciting. Maybe if they lay while I'm there we can make Toad in the Hole. :)

  2. It would be alarming if they DON'T lay while you are here! Once they begin, they pretty much amp up til winter time!