Monday, July 9, 2012


As you know, the gals have begun to lay.  The early stages of this time can be unpredictable.  The girls don't know where to lay--we have so far found eggs everywhere except in the nesting boxes.  And they are such nice boxes!

Unfortunately, the girls think this is is a salad bar and not so much a place to lay eggs.  But we're working on convincing them!

The other question mark that comes with early laying is the condition and size of the eggs.  We've been lucky.  Most of our eggs have been solid and ready to go.  One was kind  More membrane than shell.  Strange!  Only a couple have been cracked even a little.  As for size, early chickens' eggs are likely to be on the small side.  According to our resources, early eggs can be the size of robins' eggs.  This has made me quite curious about egg size, and so I've begun weighing ours.

See that?  1.75 ounces.

Check this out:

1.25 ounces = peewee eggs (Seriously.)
1.5 ounces = small
1.75 ounces = medium
2 ounces = large
2.25 ounces = extra large
2.5 ounces = jumbo

So far, we've had one egg cracked beyond use, and the others weigh in as follows:

small: 1 egg
medium: 4 eggs
large: 1 egg

That's right!  We got our first large egg today.  Abby and I did a noon-time check in.

The one on the right (surprise) is the large egg.  The other is no slouch...technically between medium and large!
Tonight for dinner?  SOMETHING with eggs.  Maybe quiche!

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  1. How interesting. Never new so much about eggs.