Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Who Dunnit?

First of all, sorry for the long silence.  I'll be honest with you--there hasn't been much to report in the world of the Inman chicks.  I should have posted when they made the move from the backyard to the farm field across the street, but really, they looked the same, the tractor looked the same, and we were really happy that the wheels didn't come off en route.

I don't see the girls as much as I'd like.  It was easier when they were in the backyard.  Jon checks on them nearly every day, shlepping food and water out there.  Abby likes to visit them, too.  Ok, so now I'm thinking of several things I need to photograph and update, and I'll try to get on that.  But today's post is about a mystery!

First, the setting.  Here is where the girls have been living for the last month and a half or so:

That's Dale and Finn, working in the garden.
The idea of the chicken tractor is to move it every so often so the girls get a new patch of grass beneath their ginormous feet.  It's slowly making its way around the garden.

Here is another view of the setting.

Everything seemed pretty normal.  The girls were chillin' below the coop:

Hmmm....Do they look sleepier than usual?

And then, upon closer inspection, something unusual was spotted in the coop:

Look closely in the back left corner.  What do you see?

Yes, a full three weeks before we expected, there they were, 3 eggs.


Ok, so who did it!?

The line-up

Of course, there is no way to solve this mystery.  We just know that 3 of our girls were busy yesterday!  And we can only assume the others will follow suit soon.  Of course, there are no nesting boxes yet.  I mean, where was the rush!?  Guess Jon has to get on that!

The first gathering

A perfect egg

Thanks, Girls!  Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. very cool! Our municipality is just deciding if we can keep a small coop and up to 6 chickens in our backyards. As of now you have to have 20 acres to keep chickens.